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 Clan History

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PostSubject: Clan History   Clan History I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 6:37 am

This clan, is a clan
formed from the people for the people- an alliance that will last a lifetime
and will stand tall when others fall.

Konoki was a place that was filled with clans, clans of
every sort and yet none seemed to fit the ideal of an alliance. All of them
were about raiding and who could raid the most. But a clan should be about what
people do as team; that makes them succeed.
That was Sorrow’s idea of it anyway- So she got a commander to make her a clan.
A decision many think stupid to be done at Genin rank. But she was determined
to make a difference to the clans of Konoki. She named it Amicitia which meant
alliance in Latin and from the dirt she rose it up with the help of all of its

It doesn’t have much of a history yet since it’s still a new
clan but because of the members, the achievements that we will make will make a
history, never to be forgotten.
We are currently 6th in Konoki but the highest we have ever been is
5th. We have had our fair share of co-leaders and its sad that we
had to change them. The clan started out with Sorrow and EzioUzuamaki, then
LupineMountainWolf was invited as co-leader 2, and Tibodico as co-leader 3,
Lupine quit the game (temporarily) so Tokijin was his replacement- this caused
a stir between Sorrow, Ezio and JanineBloodwitch as she believed she should
have gotten Lupine’s position. Eventually, because of Tibodico’s inactivity we
had to let him go of his co-leader position and recruited Xiahtic as co-leader
3. She was our bank as well which had 20 million ryo in it. One day Sorrow came
online and realized that Xiahtic had deleted her account and the bank. Never
told anyone about it, so we lost our clan funds. We then put Leaf as our
co-leader 3 for a week to see if he was a suitable co-leader and he was.

So now, the co-leaders are EzioUzumaki, co-leader 1, TokijinX,
co-leader 2 and Leaf, co-leader 3.
With the leader Sorrow.

Tokijin currently has his main in Shine and will be creating
a shine branch of Amicitia. (Amicitia_SHB)

Amicitia, let us grow.
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Clan History
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