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 The RP Rules (READ)

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The RP Rules (READ) Empty
PostSubject: The RP Rules (READ)   The RP Rules (READ) I_icon_minitimeWed May 09, 2012 12:25 pm

#1: No God-Modding.
In other words, don't come in thinking you're invincible even if you are of a higher rank than your opponent, be fair. Also no killing your opponent unless he/she wishes there character to be killed off otherwise it is assumed that they are left barely alive after the combat so please leave and let it be nobody wants a character they work hard on to just die. Also no dodging/defending of every shot if its a clever attack/ unexpected or simply too fast or strong you should take the blow its not fun for everyone involved if your character cannot be hit.
No replacement jutsu or any ability which can automatically negate any attack on your person, clones are aloud assuming there has been a previous post whereby you stated releasing of clones.

#2: No Insta-cast.
Insta-Cast is where you cast a Kidou/Jutsu/Cero in the post you first announced it in. If you plan to use any of these you must post ina prior post you are doing handsigns or charging a cero/kido. After the opponent posts then you may unleash the attack. Note their are some exceptions to the rule

#3: No Insta-hit.
You must always give the person some chance to dodge or block, when posting do not state that your attack has hit your opponent eg. "He drove his stabbed his opponent deeply in the gut." this is auto hitting. If you wish to TRY and stab your opponent it should be "He attempted to drive his blade into his opponents gut." or " He stabbed his blade at his opponents gut."
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The RP Rules (READ)
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