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 Concerning Higen

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Concerning Higen Empty
PostSubject: Concerning Higen   Concerning Higen I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 06, 2012 3:53 pm

( first of all i am not english so please forgive me for my grammar problems at some times , i will do hmy best not to make typos)

Now Concerning Higen.

He is a 14 year old boy currently living in konoki and just became a gennin.
At first you would think there isnt much to say about him except that is a friendly but somewhat strange and silent.

But if u look deeper u will see a darker history because Higen wasnt born in konoki but in a far away land. He was born in a country that was ripped apart by war and already at a young age lost his father in that war . Higen mom feared that the war would eventualy take Higen's life she decided to leave the country and try a find peace some where else.They traveld for a while going from one place to the next trying to get away from the war and for a while it seemed to work until one night the war finaly caught up whit him and his mother near the borders of the country.They were taken captive by the enemy and were held so for serveral days until one day the camp got raided and Higen could escape, But his mother was killed in the chaos and Higen was now all alone. He wanderd around for days and days starving and tired until he fainted and fell into a river.
But by some luck and Reasons unkown he woke up in the arms of a Konoki shinobi who was taking him to his village.

From that day on Higen Grew up in Konoki and now is being trained by his sensei EzioUzumaki.
Trying to his best to become strong and be a great shinobi and never would have to stand by an watch the ones he cares about get killed.
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Concerning Higen
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